How long can I expect to participate in the treatment process?

By: | December 19, 2019

The length of treatment is individualized and variable and is dependent upon the severity of the presenting problem and the person’s motivation to work on treatment goals. In general, clients can spend anywhere from one (1) month to nine (9) months in the full continuum of services. Magnolia Center utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. A Licensed Addictions Counselor provides clinical supervision and oversight to all related staff and clinical services. A Psychiatrist, Primary Care Physician\Extender and Registered Nurse are integrated into the team through contract or consultation. Integrated health care is incorporated within the Person-Centered Plan and in coordination with the medical services and wellness department.


  • Precision guided Behavioral Health-Diagnostic Assessments. Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation (where clinically indicated).
  • Family Counseling
  • Trauma Touch Therapy®
  • Intervention Program: Triage and screening of the client’s needs, a comprehensive clinical assessment, report writing, family consultation\counseling and case management\care coordination for placement in a compatible treatment program.
  • Coordination of Medication Assisted Treatment & Medication Maintenance Treatment (where clinically indicated).
  • Coordination of Primary Care, Health\Medical and Medication interventions, education and monitoring.
  • Group & Individual Therapy\education.
  • Relapse Prevention-Basic and Advanced utilizing the Gorski-CENAPS model. Design and integration of support systems that enhance wellness and recovery efforts.
  • Coping and Life Skills development.
  • Spiritual Exploration and Formation Counseling.