Kristen McDonald

Kristen McDonald

Certified Yoga Instructor

Kristen McDonald joins our Team as a Registered Yoga Teacher.  She has studied yoga for over 7 years and participated in a 200-hour teacher training in 2016 at Charleston Power Yoga.  Kristen teaches yoga to private groups and has prior studio experience at a local facility.  She has studied Yin yoga and meditation, and has attended specialized trainings in anatomy and kid’s yoga. Connecting with students and offering essential elements of yoga are the foundations of Kristen’s classes, and her experience as a member of Alanon give her a valuable perspective working with people in recovery. In fact, her father was an alcohol counselor in the US Coast Guard, so she grew up with the philosophy of recovery a prominent fixture in her home. Prior to studying yoga, Kristen worked as a paralegal in the Charleston area, lending her a keen understanding of the stressors of the professional world.  Kristen incorporates her core values of love, compassion, gratitude, service and faith into all her teaching.

When not teaching, Kristen is a caretaker for several family members.  She considers helping others her greatest blessing.  In her free time, Kristen enjoys fitness, pretending to garden, and taking trips with her husband Jay.  Kristen is excited to bring her unique life experience and perspective to Magnolia Center.




  • Precision guided Behavioral Health-Diagnostic Assessments. Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation (where clinically indicated).
  • Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services.
  • Family Counseling
  • Massage Therapy
  • Trauma Touch Therapy®
  • Coordination of Medication Assisted Treatment & Medication Maintenance Treatment (where clinically indicated).
  • Coordination of Primary Care, Health\Medical and Medication interventions, education and monitoring.
  • Wellness services-nutrition education, massage, experiential and adventure-based therapy.
  • Group & Individual Therapy\education.
  • Relapse Prevention-Basic and Advanced utilizing the Gorski-CENAPS model. Design and integration of support systems that enhance wellness and recovery efforts.
  • Coping and Life Skills development.
  • Spiritual Exploration and Formation Counseling.

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