Our clients are discovering the benefits of health & wellness through recovery!

The Treatment Effectiveness Assessment (TEA) is an efficient, patient-centered instrument for evaluating progress in recovery from addiction. This brief questionnaire elicits patient responses that help the patient and the clinician quickly gauge patient progress in treatment and in recovery, according to the patients’ sense of what is important within four domains established by prior research. Scores range from 1-10.

Improvement Percentage

Substance Use ScoreHealth ScoreLifestyle ScoreCommunity Score
100% 75% 33% 40%

Magnolia Center utilizes outcomes data to drive it’s quality improvement efforts. We consistently rate at or above 90% in our client satisfaction surveys. Here are some of the things our clients are saying about their services at Magnolia Center:


It has been a very positive experience and crucial to my ongoing recovery.

I am very happy with Magnolia. I have plans to speak more specifically on what my intentions are with my treatment plan moving forward. Thank you!

It has been a very good experience would highly recommend to others. Thanks!

Jeff and Robin have been very helpful and supportive with me for over a year. Many thanks!

I felt safe, accepted, and very supported from the very start of my treatment at Magnolia.

Great experience; thanks to everyone at Magnolia!

I feel so much better since I started services.

Thank you all for the various roles you've played in my growth and recovery.

All good

Recovery is a process, and I would not have been able to make the progress that I have, without the guidance and perspective that I received from you guys. I felt safe and understood. I never felt judged. When I was in the wrong, I was given the space to come to terms with it in a way that was not filled with shame—which anyone in recovery knows is so important! I’m so grateful for my experience and the help I received. Although I’m still working on a lot of things, I am able to see hope in my future for the first time in years. Thank you!

The counseling and support group are both very helpful. They have exceeded my expectations.

I’m thankful for everything the Magnolia Center has done.

What a great team…I am so thankful I got to receive the treatment that I needed. With Magnolia’s help, my motivation, my family and my dignity were restored.


  • Precision guided Behavioral Health-Diagnostic Assessments. Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation (where clinically indicated).
  • Family Counseling
  • Trauma Touch Therapy®
  • Intervention Program: Triage and screening of the client’s needs, a comprehensive clinical assessment, report writing, family consultation\counseling and case management\care coordination for placement in a compatible treatment program.
  • Coordination of Medication Assisted Treatment & Medication Maintenance Treatment (where clinically indicated).
  • Coordination of Primary Care, Health\Medical and Medication interventions, education and monitoring.
  • Group & Individual Therapy\education.
  • Relapse Prevention-Basic and Advanced utilizing the Gorski-CENAPS model. Design and integration of support systems that enhance wellness and recovery efforts.
  • Coping and Life Skills development.
  • Spiritual Exploration and Formation Counseling.