Melissa Robin Brooks RN, LMT



  • Admissions & Medical Services Director
  • Massage Therapist
  • Trauma Touch Therapist

Melissa (Robin) Brooks has over 25 years of experience as a medical and behavioral healthcare leader, manager and service provider. This includes work in both public and private sector, for profit and 501©3 non- profit entities.

Robin has extensive medical experience in the primary and tertiary health care system. This practical experience includes integrated primary care, as well as complex care within cardiac and post-surgical hospital units. Her ability to manage both processes and multi-disciplinary care teams helped her earn a reputation for service excellence within multiple care settings.

Robin is also the co-founder of 3 Days Rising Inc-a non profit ministry that operates in multiple states, providing comfort, encouragement and hope for those searching for spiritual solutions. She is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating a highly successful bed and breakfast in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

With an extensive background in the behavioral health sector, Robin has pursued her passion for excellence and compassion through working with complex clients in the both the public and private sector delivery system. Her entry into the public sector began in 1998 as a charge nurse in the methadone maintenance program in Charleston, South Carolina. Later in her career, this vocation evolved into working in an outreach program serving clients with addictive and co-occurring mental health disorders in a rural community. In 2006, she managed the medical services system for October Road Inc-a privatized behavioral healthcare company that she also co-founded in western North Carolina, serving over 1,000 un-replicated clients per year. Emphasis on quality care, wellness and rehabilitation allowed her to build collaborative and effective integrated care partnerships and systems within the geographical region.

During this time, Robin acquired certification as an Equine Therapy Therapist and utilized this intervention within a residential substance abuse\mental health treatment program. Her skills in gaining trust, through communicating authentically and compassionately with those suffering from addiction and trauma, helped numerous clients engage effectively in this experiential model. She has invested hundreds of hours facilitating group and experiential therapies with these clients.

Robin holds degrees in nursing and in massage\body work therapy. She has acquired additional certification in Trauma Touch Therapy , Esalen Massage Therapy, as well as cranio-sacral therapy. She adheres to a holistic approach to rehabilitation and lifestyle change.

Robin is married to Jeff Brooks-her best friend of 28 years. She is the mother of two adult children who live in Asheville, NC and Northampton, Massachusetts. Her hobbies include knitting, cooking, yoga, interior design and long walks on the battery and beaches of Charleston, South Carolina.


  • Precision guided Behavioral Health-Diagnostic Assessments. Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation (where clinically indicated).
  • Family Counseling
  • Trauma Touch Therapy®
  • Intervention Program: Triage and screening of the client’s needs, a comprehensive clinical assessment, report writing, family consultation\counseling and case management\care coordination for placement in a compatible treatment program.
  • Coordination of Medication Assisted Treatment & Medication Maintenance Treatment (where clinically indicated).
  • Coordination of Primary Care, Health\Medical and Medication interventions, education and monitoring.
  • Group & Individual Therapy\education.
  • Relapse Prevention-Basic and Advanced utilizing the Gorski-CENAPS model. Design and integration of support systems that enhance wellness and recovery efforts.
  • Coping and Life Skills development.
  • Spiritual Exploration and Formation Counseling.